2013 D.A. Fantasy Football — Week 11.

Already Uglier Than Peyton?

Already Uglier Than Peyton?

Bit of an odd week in D.A. Football.  On one hand, scoring was mostly good as injuries continue to boost the talent pool, but it felt to me like there was shocking lack of Pick-6s.  I could be wrong, but I hope the most exciting play in D.A. makes a swift return next week.  Pretty close matchups across the board, so let’s get down to the business.

Andrew Luck is living up to expectations.  He beat Peyton Manning!  The rest, whatever it adds up to for his sophomore season should be extra credit.  But, that doesn’t give you a free pass.  And it especially doesn’t give you a free pass against the Rams and Roger’s lost son.  The Rams may be better than we thought (or I thought), but the final score read 38-8.  You don’t even have to dip into the boxscore to give Luck the hardware.  That’s just embarrassing.

Luck started the spiral himself with a textbook Fumble-6 on the first drive of the game and the Colts never recovered. They gave Luck EVERY opportunity.  The Colts gave their RBs a grand total of nine carries.  Luck heaved it 47 times, one meaningless TD the only blemish on an otherwise hideous record.  Three picks, three sacks, and getting pulled for Matt Hasselbeck?  That’s pretty D.A.  I didn’t know Hasselbeck was still in the league.  Green Bay may want to trade next year’s 1st rounder for him.

D.A. Standings:  

  1. Team Horse Face, 7-3
  2. Eli Esses D, 6-4
  3. Fake Chow, 5-5
  4. Doubleback Vineyards, 5-5
  5. D.A.iry Q, INC., 5-5
  6. Tampa Ticklesh*ts, 4-5-1
  7. Happy Valley Tickle Monsters, 4-6
  8. Carlos Danger, 3-6-1


Quick Summaries:

Doubleback Vineyards Edges HVTM, 13 to 3.  

Highlights:  HVTM was on the wrong side of this week’s DA absorbing Kellen Clemens’ (-4) points and while Matt Ryan sucked again, he just wasn’t productive.  For Doubleback, it was Kase Ceenum’s inability to locate his own receivers, (22 of 43!) that allowed him to rack up 22 points and secure the victory.

Eli Esses D takes Thriller over D.A.iry Q, 44 to 40.  

Highlights:  In a battle for 2nd place it was Big Dub coming out on top thanks mostly to the Terrelle Pryor horror show.  Pryor seems to be entering a bit of a lull on the field as his D.A. production builds to a crescendo.  This week it was 36 points which tied for the league lead.  DQ had a solid week, including 23 points from Joe Flacco and held the lead going into Monday night, but eventually Ryan Tannehill did enough to secure the tight win.

Team Horse Face Finds a Way in 22 to 18 Win Over Carlos Danger.

Highlights:  Game set up nicely for Carlos Danger as Horse Face was riding Ponder’s (-14) into the weekend, but then Jake Locker went down in a heap and posted a cool 36 points on his way out giving Horse Face some life.  It was still C-Danger’s game to win, but Mike Glennon did not cooperate on Monday night producing the Bucs’ first victory of the season and sending BK to the brink of playoff elimination.

Tampa Ticklesh*ts Keep Hanging Around With 47.75 to 25 Win over Fake Chow

Highlights:  A real solid game across the board for Tampa, who collected Seneca Wallace’s bonus yardage after he went down and paired that with a great Cam Newton call against the Niners.  Newton was dreadful, possibly the 2nd worst performance of the week in a win (next to Henne, of course) and posted 29 points.  Fake Chow was valiant, but Carson Palmer’s 3 points weren’t enough to keep up in this high-scoring affair.


Week 11 Draft Order:

  1. Tampa
  2. Eli
  3. Doubleback
  4. Carlos
  5. Horse Face
  6. Fake Chow
  7. HVTM
  8. DQ


Week 11 Matchups:  

  1. Happy Valley Tickle Monsters vs. Team Horse Face
  2. D.A.iry Q, INC. vs. Carlos Danger
  3. Tampa Ticklesh*ts vs. Doubleback Vineyards
  4. Fake Chow vs. Eli Esses D

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