2013 D.A. Fantasy Football

Moment of Silence.

Moment of Silence.

Welcome to the 4th year of D.A. Fantasy Football.  Hard to believe it’s been that long since we revolutionized the fantasy landscape and inspired a slew of copycats across the globe.  In this spot every week, we will feature the D.A. from the previous week and look ahead to the next week’s matchups.  In lieu of a D.A. performer this week, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Kevin Kolb.

Kolb is out for the year with a concussion, which is nothing to make light of, but it’s what Kolb does when healthy, combined with the brutal nature of the NFL that makes him so important to a league like D.A. Fantasy Football.  As in life, a lot of D.A. is about opportunity.  You can’t be a terrible quarterback if you never get on the field.  Someone slightly less terrible has to get injured, has to sting together a particularly noxious series of possessions–something to get that next guy on the field.  Kevin Kolb has always been a great facilitator.

Mediocre to his core, Kolb has paved the way for a championship lineage of D.A. Quarterbacks that includes John “Helter” Skelton, Max Hall and now the illustrious Jeff Tuel.  The world anxiously awaits the possibility of a Tuel start, and we partly owe Kolb for that. So, while we’re playing D.A. this year, let’s take a moment to remember guys like Kolb who help make all of this possible.  See you in 2014, Kevin.

Week 1 Draft Order:

  1. Happy Valley TIckle Monsters
  2. D.A.iry Queen Inc.
  3. Tampa Ticklesh*ts
  4. Eli Esses D
  5. Doubleback Vineyards
  6. Shiva Cry
  7. Team Horse Face
  8. Fake Chow

Week One Matchups:

1. Happy Valley Tickle Monsters vs. Fake Chow

2. D.A.iry Queen Inc. vs. Team Horse Face

3. Tampa Ticklesh*ts vs. Shiva Cry

4. Eli Esses D. vs. Doubleback Vineyards

Rules Reminders:

For Thursday games, selections must come in before the opening snap.  Please indicate which of your two picks you want to use, for example, this week I would say Joe Flacco #12.  QB will go to the highest bidder.

For the remaining lists, please get them to me, if possible by Saturday Evening.  Most weeks I will be free until game time on Sunday, but to make things easier and make sure everyone gets their guys before kickoff–Saturday night would be appreciated.

Remember that if there is a question over who is going to start, you can account for that on your list.  So, you could list the team collectively, or the different candidates at different spots on your list.

I think that’s about it–Good Luck, everyone.


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