2011 D.A. Football — Week 7.

Wait, Tom Flores Played in the NFL?

It’s not every day that I genuinely learn something new.  I wish I could say, you learn something every day, but that’s not true.  However, last week, I had my world rocked.  I’m sure everyone knows Tom Flores.  Famous NFL coach.  He was getting some press in the wake of Al Davis’s death, and someone just casually drops in that Flores played QB in the league. For real?  This is the type of tidbit that I pride myself on knowing, but I couldn’t have been more clueless on Flores’s career.  I assume most coaches have played at some point, but I guess Flores was before my time and his career was not quite distinguished enough for routine mentions.

Of course, all this leads me into D.A. research, and to the unsurprising fact that Tom Flores was a much better coach than he was a quarterback.  Flores played the majority of his career for the Oakland Raiders, running up a 93/92 TD/INT ratio. That’s just on the right side of the cut.  That’s like getting a hit in your last AB of the year to hit .200.  Flores’s signature D.A. game came in the 2nd week of the 1964 season.  Flores was taking on the Houston Oilers and previous nominee George Blanda (Blanda threw in a pedestrian 3 INT performance).

Here’s Flores’s stat line from that fateful day, a performance that would eventually get him pulled (seems like quarterbacks got shuffled in and out like a D-line rotation back in the day).  Tommy Boy went 6 of 22 for 136 yards.  He threw 0 TDs, and 4 INTs.  This added up to a 13.3 QB Rating and an even -2.00 adjusted yards per attempt.  The real cap for me though, was Flores’s 2 pick6s, one of which was a nice 95-yard scamper.  His 14 point contribution to the Oilers led to their 42-28 win. At the end of the day, Flores rang up approximately 60 D.A. Fantasy Points.  McCown-esque, Flores.

D.A. Football Standings:

  1. Neckbeards and Codeine 4-2
  2. JCK 4-2
  3. The Shiva Cry 3-3
  4. Fake Chow 3-3
  5. Team Horse Face 3-3
  6. The Slop Jocks 3-3
  7. Kraft 2-4
  8. Eli Esses D 2-4

Week 7 Draft Order:

  1. Nichols
  2. Brian
  3. Big Dub
  4. JCK
  5. DC
  6. Kraft
  7. BK
  8. Tim

Week 7 Match-ups:

  1. Fake Chow vs. Neckbeards and Codeine
  2. Eli Esses D vs. The Slop Jocks
  3. JCK vs. The Shiva Cry
  4. Kraft vs. Team Horse Face

One thought on “2011 D.A. Football — Week 7.

  1. If I recall correctly, the top-bottom draft combo is where I started to fall apart last year as well. I thrive with later picks. This might be another long week…

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