2011 D.A. Fantasy Football — The Semi-Finals

Look Who Rolled Their Way into the Semis.

No historical D.A. this week.  We’re moving forward.  I’m phasing that out for next year, anyway.  We get the idea.  A lot of bad quarterbacks have graced the league.  And, since I put Ryan Fitzpatrick up as a historical D.A. last week and then he won for week 14, there’s nowhere else to go.  That’s got to be the pinnacle.  If you ever want to chuckle at horrible QB stats, the archives will be there for all eternity.  Or at least until WordPress goes the way of GeoCities.

It was a great D.A. Regular Season.  Things were tight the whole way through and it all culminated with the action on Monday night pitting two horrible teams and QBs against each other in true MNF fashion.  Next year, I think the Jags may just sign an exclusive deal with MNF.  Drink it in.  Anyway, the season played out like a wild-card race, no one really getting a firm grip on much of a lead.  Finally, Neckbeards and Codeine prevailed, but spots 2 thru 8 were constantly in flux.  Eventually it all shakes out, though, and this is who we are left with…

Playoff Matchups:  

  1. Neckbeards and Codeine vs. Kraft
  2. Eli Esses D vs. JCK

Playoff Draft Order:

  1. Kraft
  2. Eli Esses D
  3. JCK
  4. Neckbeards and Codeine


Neckbeards and Codeine–10-4

  • 2010 D.A. Fantasy Football Champions
  • 2011 Regular Season Champions
  • Career D.A. Record: 17-11
  • Total Points: 349.50
  • 1-week High Score: 67.5 points
  • 1-week Low Score:  -30.75
  • Total Negative Weeks: 1

Outlook:  His 10-4 record equals last year’s mark set by The Slop Jocks.  Easily the most consistent team all year.  Only hiccup came after #1 seed was clinched.  Drafts well from every position.  Shorter draft may actually negate some of their advantage.  Overall odds to win:  7:2

Eli Esses D–8-6

  • First Playoff Appearance
  • Career D.A. Record:  11-17
  • Owns Longest Losing Streak in D.A. History
  • Total Points:  213.25
  • 1-Week High Score:  67.50
  • 1-Week Low Score:  -35.00
  • Total Negative Weeks: 5

Outlook:  Engineered the greatest turnaround in D.A History. Started the season 1-4, running cumulative record to 4-15. Finished 7-2 in the last 9 games.  Oddly, part of his recovery included getting out-bid on two occasions for the QB whose name adorns the franchise.  Favors young QBs over veterans.  Misses Donovan McNabb.  Odds to win: 9/2


  • 2011 D.A. Expansion Team
  • Won on the Final Night of the Season to Make the Playoffs
  • Total Points:  282.75
  • 1-Week High Score:  80.25
  • 1-Week Low Score:  -27.00
  • Total Negative Weeks:  Four

Outlook:  JCK was fresh meat this year and started off slowly at 0-2.  Rebounded nicely to be a factor in the playoff hunt the rest of the way.  Needed 23 points from Sam Bradford on the final night of the season to qualify and scored 31.  Has an Achilles heel for taking Tim Tebow.  Odds to win:  10/1.


  • 1st D.A. Playoff Appearance
  • Career Record 14-14
  • Led league in Points
  • Total Points:  436.00
  • 1-Week High Score:  94.25
  • 1-Week Low Score:  -13.5
  • Total Negative Weeks: Four

Outlook:  Kraft makes the playoffs despite losing on the final week of the season.  Won tie-breaker by 44 points.  Missed out on the playoffs last year due to the points tie-breaker.  Suffers from inconsistency and faced a brutal schedule.  Five weeks over 40 points.  Has hot/cold relationship with Andy Dalton.  Odds to win:  6/1.


Final D.A. Standings:

  1. Neckbeards and Codeine:  10-4
  2. JCK:  8-6
  3. Eli Esses D:  8-6
  4. Kraft:  7-7
  5. Team Horse Face:  7-7
  6. Fake Chow:  7-7
  7. The Slop Jocks:  5-9
  8. The Shiva Cry:  4-10


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