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I’m going to offer up some of the other writing I have done.  It’s all patent-pending so don’t get any ideas.  I’ve been working with the idea of a failed golf prodigy for some time.  It was the subject of my first attempt at a novel, and since it was re-written, re-conceived, and just about everything else.  The first draft is long gone, but in its newest incarnation it is called First Birthday, and I’ve included the first few pages here.  I actually ditched the first chapter so it’s basically just the intro at this point.  More to come, very soon.

Also here are the opening scenes of the screenplay that I am co-writing with the brilliant and talented JQH.   Any comments on anything are always appreciated, but please no comments on grammar or screenplay format at this point (if you happen to know such things)…again, very rough.


10 thoughts on “Fiction Writing

  1. I put up Chapter 14. It’s a pretty important chapter, so there is a decent chance that It’ll eventually be re-worked or tweaked, but i’m sticking with my promise to throw up the hardcore first draft.

  2. posted chapter 20.

    For those following along (still greatly appreciated), um this took a while…kind of at a point where we’re building to a major shift, so trying to get the pacing right, etc.

    on that note, a chance that this could end up being edited a good bit, but I decided to post since it’s been a while.

  3. Hello All..

    Added a draft of a short-film that I just completed writing with “Q”.

    Um, it’s like a mini-romantic comedy, tale of two blog personalities uniting. kind of what we all hope happens with BK and Big Dub H (but in a hetero way).

    Take a look if you want, any thoughts are welcome. you can post, or email me at

    It’s Called “Toast”…located above.

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