DA Fantasy Football–Week One

A "DA" Before His Time.

Ode To Dan McGwire:

Oh Dan McGwire, you non-roided sibling.  You are the Frank Stallone of football.  If it wasn’t for Marshall Faulk you may have single-handedly ruined the San Diego State football program.  You set the Seahawks back to the point where they were forced to take Rick Mirer.  You threw 4 fewer touchdown passes in your career than Keith Byars.  You were so bad, the Seahawks eventually had to switch conferences to save face.  Cheers to you my friend, thank you for your role in bad QB punchline history.

This is where I’ll be keeping track of the season standings for DA Fantasy Football. Starting after week one you can check here for the cumulative updates. The summary of each individual week, I’ll post on the main page.

Week One Draft Order:

  1. BK
  2. Kraft
  3. Nichols (Team Motorboat)
  4. Tim (The Slop Jocks)
  5. DC (Team Horseface)
  6. Dan
  7. Brian (Neckbeards and Codeine)
  8. Will (Eli “Smokes Pole” For Food Stamps)

Week One Matchups:

  1. BK (Delhomme and Henne) vs. Will (Moore and Sanchez)
  2. Kraft (Bradford and Smith) vs. Brian (Hasselbeck and Campbell)
  3. Nichols (Freeman and Cassell) vs. Dan (Dixon and Garrard)
  4. Tim (Edwards and Orton)vs. DC (DA and Stafford)

Unofficial Week One Totals:

  1. Edwards 18
  2. Henne 8
  3. Campbell 21
  4. Stafford 9.25
  5. Moore 49
  6. Dixon 7
  7. Delhomme 27
  8. Freeman 6
  9. Orton 1.75
  10. Garrard (-19)
  11. Anderson 4.25
  12. Bradford 34.25
  13. Hasselbeck (-14)
  14. Smith 45
  15. Sanchez
  16. Cassell

18 thoughts on “DA Fantasy Football–Week One

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    • Dan, Have you been getting the emails? I haven’t heard from you, I was about to ask if I had a good email address. Everyone is just sending me a list of their choices. You have the 6th and 11th pick, so give me your top 11 guys, and when everyone has sent them in, I’ll let you know who you have that week.

      The first pick is in, Delhomme is gone. So, you don’t have to include him. I’ll post the updates as they arrive. Deadline is noon on Sunday.

      If you didn’t get the emails, then send me a quick email, mggross21@gmail.com and I will completely catch you up.

  2. Not Sure This is totally proper given the draft process, but I don’t see why not. Plus, BK provided a nice little intro for his first overall pick of Week One. To quote,

    “With the first pick in the draft [I] pick Jake “are you too good for your” Delhomme? You can’t let a veteran DA MVP like Delhomme slip through your fingers. And, I’ll say I feel bad not taking the actual man/myth/legend DA, [redacted fantasy analysis]”

    Got Some Picks in:
    1. Delhomme
    2. Sam Bradford
    3. Freeman
    4. Edwards
    5. DA
    6. Dennis Dixon

  3. I was close to going Bradford, i was REALLY kicking him around. I just feel like they’re gonna protect him and Dixon (also in the running), short passes, run the ball, all that crap. Also, did we address the “running QB” thing? Like what happens if Dixon runs for 50 and a TD?

  4. hahaha, i was just checking. I was unclear so i shied away a little from the running qbs. No matter my boy JD will dominate i’m sure.

  5. No Kevin Kolb for anyone. Are we all going to be kicking ourselves for missing out on that one?

    And, I think there should be some pregame analysis from the commissioner here.

  6. Well, perhaps someone will be kicking themselves for not taking Favre. A quick glance at the box and it looks like he dropped about 16 points out there. Pretty respectable, I think. What a terrible game.

    I think it was interesting that except for the maybe 14-16th picks, most guys got two QBs near the top of their list.

    If I was handicapping…

    I would say I think Will & Tim have the best lineups. As we saw tonight it’s important who you are playing against as well.

    And, If I had the first pick I probably would have taken Edwards. I mean, until proven otherwise. It’s the Bills.

  7. Looks like 4 good battles to me. I mean, there’s not a single QB in the draft that you look at and think “wow I really think he’ll have at least 2 touchdowns”

  8. Got Some Scores in Here. You guys can double check me if you see something that doesn’t look right. Not a lot of real close matchups in week one. Kraft exploded. And, great games from Sanchez and Cassell could make their games interesting.

    Full recap coming Tuesday. And, I’ll crown my own personal DA. Some good candidates emerging, but of course Sanchez and company will have their say.

  9. Matt Moore you mother f’er. I wasn’t buying him, but i’m also viciously anti giants. That had to be the worst game i’ve ever seen. Is he serious with some of those throws? Next up, Jimmy Clausen Era.

  10. in addition to DA, can we get the TBI Trophy of the week award going? i can manage this one, it’s my speciality. in fact, 3-Putt, I can test your level of orientation next time i see ya. been worried about that…

    we can call it the Mike Tyson.

    like, winner is the team that has the most concussions. this is why i hate football, but i do mostly love it. love hate love hate.

    seriously, this week’s winner: E-A-G-L-E-S…always winners in Philly, baby.


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