Derek Anderson Football — Week 10.


Guaranteed to be Overrated.


One of the great things about the DA Award is it really only takes one heroic week to get it done.  We saw Drew Brees win the award a couple of weeks ago, and I’m sure if we went through history’s best QBs, they’d be bound to have a DA worthy week or two.  I’m not in any real hurry to give Joe Montana a DA Award, but some guys need to be recognized whether they are Hall of Famers or not.  I don’t remember exactly when I realized Joe Namath wasn’t that great of a QB. It was probably started when I realized he played more games aside from Super Bowl III.  It has culminated recently with my many trips to Sporcle, where Namath is never an answer for any QB quiz.

The numbers on Namath are pretty shocking.  Career passer rating in the 60s.  He threw more interceptions than touchdowns, and led the league in picks a whopping 4 times.  He didn’t throw for 30,000 yards.  He didn’t throw 200 TD passes.  Namath had a season’s worth of just dreadful performances, but probably his most insulting was his last game in a New York Jets uniform.  On December 12th, 1976 Namath and the Jets ran into what I suppose was a Cincinnati juggernaut.  The final score, 42-3, was gruesome enough, but Namath’s line was shocking.  He finished 4/15 for 20 yards and had 4 INTs.  His quarterback rating?  0.0.  The second donut he hung in his career.  Congrats Joe on riding one buckle by the Colts straight into the Hall of Fame.

DA Standings:

  1. The Slop Jocks 6-3
  2. Neckbeards and Codeine 6-3
  3. Team Motorboat 5-4
  4. BK 5-4
  5. Kraft 5-4
  6. Team Horse Face 4-5
  7. Dan 3-6
  8. Eli Esses D for Food Stamps 2-7

Week 10 Draft Order:

  1. Kraft
  2. Nichols
  3. Tim
  4. DC
  5. Dan
  6. Brian
  7. Will
  8. BK

Week Ten Match-Ups:

  1. BK vs. Dan
  2. Kraft vs. Team Horse Face
  3. The Slop Jocks vs. Neckbeards and Codeine
  4. Eli Esses D vs. Team Motorboat

4 thoughts on “Derek Anderson Football — Week 10.

  1. So I need to pickup a QB to fill in for Aaron Rodgers this week in fantasy football. My choices are David Garrard (ick), Mark Sanchez (ick), Josh Freeman (ick), and Matt Cassel (ick). This is regular fantasy football mind you, and not DA fantasy football. I actually want one of these four clowns to play well.

    Any advice?

  2. I don’t know who Freeman is playing, but I’d probably lean toward garrard. Houston’s pass defense is Uh-trocious.

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