Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

Anyone See the Light?

Anyone See the Light?

I don’t know what’s going on with my NFL picks.  They’re awful.  That’s OK though, because I’ve given up and everyone else is going strong right down to the wire.  What really amazes me is that the two teams I picked to go to the Super Bowl are 22-2.  And, my hometown team is 2-9-1 against the spread.  You would think I could exploit those numbers to my benefit in some way.  But no.  I can’t be pinned down by statistics.  Not this season.  An examination of smarter people…

NFL Pick ‘Em Standings:  

  1. DC, 38-26-1
  2. JCK, 37-27-1
  3. Nichols, 36-29
  4. Kraft, 35-29-1
  5. Bug Dub, 34-29-2
  6. Grossy, 29-33-3

The “Cut Your Own Christmas Tree,” Pick of the Week:  DC (NFC North Combo Pick)

Quite a rally for DC who was patrolling around .500 for much of the year if my memory serves me.  A 5-0 week was capped by successfully picking the tie atop the NFC North.  I could say something bitter right now like, does any team have more ugly covers this year than Green Bay?  But, I’m better than that.  We had a Seattle outright pick in a close game (they won in OT) and Green Bay winning thanks to Minnesota’s terrible passing offense–Christian Ponder 28 D.A. Points.  Feels like a couple of pretty good calls.  Other people had these games, so feel the appropriate amount of glow, but you know I’m a sucker for combo meals.

The “Punch Out Bogey,” Awful Pick of the Week:  Grossy (Tennessee +6)

I played golf today.  Might be the last round of the year.  Who knows?  I was constantly in the trees.  I’m not sure what is worse, having to punch out or knowing with 100% certainty that I have no chance of getting up and down for par.  I still have four shots to hit and I know I’m going to make bogey.  So frustrating.  Also frustrating?  Picking the Titans.  I could repeat my argument about the line, about the division game, but there’s no reason to pick Tennessee.  There were 16 games.  We have to pick five of them, and I come up with Tennessee?  I don’t even know how that’s possible.  That’s when you know you’re going bad.

The Definitive, Yet Arbitrary Top-10:

1.  Atlanta, 11-1.  The pressure on Matt Ryan and Atlanta after that playoff bye week is going to be enormous.

2.  Houston, 11-1.  Nice to see Houston smack around Tennessee and get back in a groove.  Tons of anti-NE and anti-Peyton people counting on Houston in the AFC.

3.  Denver, 9-3.  Believe me, I don’t like it, but they’ve won seven in a row.  Tough to ignore.

4.  New England, 9-3.  Ugly win over the Dolphins in Miami.  AKA, every Pats/Dolphins game in Miami ever.

5.  New York Giants, 7-5.  Not consistent enough, but they blew out the next two teams on the list.

6. San Francisco, 8-3-1.  Kaepernick looks better in his uniform.  That’s Harbaugh’s rationale.  Pretty sure Alex Smith out-uglies the Rams.

7. Green Bay, 8-4.  Should now go on and win the division.

8.  Baltimore, 9-3.  What have I been telling you?  They lost to Charlie Batch.

9. Indianapolis, 8-4.  Andrew Luck still fails the face test, and has an upper chest beard, but he’s turned around the dreadful Colts.

10.  Seattle, 7-5.  They won a road game.

3-PT D.A. of the Week:  Mark Sanchez

Check out the D.A. Link at the top of the page to read about the epic Sanchez vs. Lindley showdown.  Also check D.A. Standings and playoff scenarios as we get ready for the final week of the regular season.


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Self-Esteem Check.

  1. I thought maybe it was for rubbing salt in your wounds.

    On a totally separate note: Josh Hamilton? Are we okay with this? I am thinking he is old.

  2. Considering the market for position players…Shane Victorino @ 13 per, I don’t really see how the Phils will be in on the Hamilton bidding that will likely get out of control, at least in terms of average annual value.

    right now, from what it sounds like a trade is a more realistic possibility to fill an OF slot or two.

    Interesting to see them take the slow approach after vomiting money all these years.

    They’ve got some serious holes to fill, but more importantly they are losing even more ground to the Nats.

    Washington has the deeper rotation, a more balanced lineup, and if Bryce Harper has a spike to stardom, the Phillies can probably forget about the division.

      • I find it interesting that Blanton was considered impossible to trade a couple of years ago, because he was getting 8 million a year. Now, two years later and two years older that’s the deal he gets again. Guy is a magician.

    • the Phillies did not offer him a qualifying contract so he became a free agent. Essentially, they didn’t want to go to arbitration with him. Let him walk.

  3. Welcome back.

    Um, it’s hard for anything to supplant that 2-year deal for Jamie Moyer in my mind (1/2 joke), Or the horrendous return he got for Cliff Lee, but Ruben is getting universally panned in the initial reactions.

    I think people are valuing Worley a little too much. He’s never thrown more than 130 innings and really only projects as a bottom half of the rotation guy–at best. Who knows what will happen with May. Some like him better than others, but I think he might haunt you like a Gavin Floyd, but not like Gio Gonzalez or anything…

    The question is, what are they doing with Revere in center. The guy has 0 power. As in 0 career homers. He can play center, but has a terrible arm. He can steal bases, but so far in his career hasn’t been a good OBP guy–gets on less than Rollins. And is not a real leadoff option right now.

    I suppose the Phillies see #4 starters as relatively easy to replace and maybe Revere develops into a poor man’s Bourn over the next couple of years and at least they have someone with range in center–considering what they have on the corners.

    Before you totally pan the deal, I guess you have to see who is going to play 3B and RF. If this gets paired with Michael Young and slop in RF then you’ve got a big problem.

    Not necessarily because they don’t have Worley, but because they are miles behind Washington right now and Revere doesn’t give you much help there.

    They’ll also need to add a starter now and they’ll still have Kendrick in the rotation w/Doc and his mystery status. Lotta pressure on Cole and Lee.

  4. I guess I was being a little foolish calling it his worst move. He’s made too many to call it this early. But, the picthing gets worse, the prospects get worse, the offense and defense get no better.

  5. The defense gets a bit better, I think. I was never a big fan of Mayberry in center and thought Shane was overrated. At least Vic had a right-field type arm–though that is waning too.

    The pitching does get worse and the farm system is thinner, but this has to be the first of a series of moves.

    Not even Ruben is that dumb enough to go with Revere/Ruf/Brown/Mayberry.

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