The Heat Are Crying Now?




When I first heard yesterday that some members of the Heat were shedding a few tears in the locker room after losing to the Bulls, I expected to eventually read a retraction of some kind.  Ok, they weren’t necessarily crying.  They were just…emotional.  But no, it seems that we are sticking with this crying story, which I find to be a bit surprising, among other things.

It’s funny that no matter what the Heat do they will be killed for it, because of how this off-season went down and how everyone is so eager to pile on the hate.  Miami could win 12 games in a row, but if in one of those games Chris Bosh goes 1-18 from the floor all you hear is, “bahahaha Bosh went 1-18.”  In some ways they brought this on themselves with their orchestrated moves of last summer, but it also feels a little petty at this point.  LeBron isn’t going to void his contract and go back to the Cavs.  At the same time, I do see the humor in Bosh’s atrocious shooting night.

The problem for the Heat is the haters and pickers of nits don’t have to go very far to see the real problems with Miami’s finest.  LeBron, D-Wade and company can’t beat a decent team.  The Celtics own them.  The Bulls swept them.  Last week they got absolutely throttled in San Antonio.  By the way, the Spurs received a similar beat down from the Lakers. Using the famous failed and faulty sports logic that means Los Angeles is currently about 50 points better than the Heat.  That’s a joke, but the truth is, the Heat probably have little chance right now of getting a shot at LA or some other Western Conference team in the Finals.  You can’t play the Hawks or the Sixers in every playoff series.

I think the root of a lot of Heat backlash is that most people don’t get to do whatever they want.  They have to work a job they don’t like.  They have to show loyalties to people they don’t like.  They have a boss.  Whatever the reason, a lot of people get married to their situation and LeBron just laughed in the face of all that.  He did what he wanted, and the public turned on him.  The crying story is going to be blood in the water for these people.  I can’t really blame them. You don’t hear a lot of crying stories after regular season games.  Especially if that game isn’t the last of your season or career.

I guess the good news for Heat fans is that the players care, and that is the point that Spolestra was trying to make.  I think he assumes the public thinks it is all laughs in the Miami locker room after a loss.  Oh, we lost?  Let’s go to a club, set thousands of dollars on fire and insult middle class Americans.  That’s what you’d think this fun-loving, devil may care Heat team would do, but no, they care so much they are crying, after a regular season game.  In March.

Of course there is some room for crying in sports and in the watching of sports movies.  Maybe someone threw in Rudy on DVD in the locker room after the game?  I guess I’m happy to know that the Heat care, but they can cry all they want, it isn’t going to help them beat Chicago.  Or Boston.  I think they’d be better off keeping news like this in-house.  Rally around each other, because there aren’t many people out there looking to build you up.

Acceptable Times to Cry in Sports Include but are not limited to:

  1. Olympic Medal Ceremonies
  2. Retirement Press Conferences
  3. At the end of, “Best of the Best”
  4. Striking Out in T-Ball
  5. Getting Invited to Augusta National

9 thoughts on “The Heat Are Crying Now?

  1. I think the more frustrating thing is that players like Wade and Lebron seem upset, borderline flabbergasted, that what they did bothers people and that there are haters out there. You orchestrated taking a legend away from an already crippled city, put together a “dream team”, and now you want people to root for you? Go pound sand. That’s like expecting people to root for the Yankees.

  2. true…

    the funny thing is listening to heat fans.

    even here in Philly there are Heat fans calling in today to defend LeBron and they all sound like frauds.

    no one respects Heat fans. not before this, not after…

  3. I don’t understand Heat fans. Are there really any basketball fans in Miami? Any sports fans in general? I might be totally off base, but it just seems like a city that doesn’t care one way or the other.

    Lebron and Bosh are entirely indefensible. Remember that ridiculous display where they had Wade/LeBron/Bosh come rising up on a stage, with those three effing jokers posing left and right, just “muggin”? Yeah. that’s called drawing attention to yourself and asking for a bullseye. Now all of a sudden you want sympathy? Wahhhhhhhhh, people are hatin’ on us. Waaahhhhhhh, people like it when we lose. Waaahhhhhhh, we want people to support us.

  4. regarding Miami…I’d say it’s a lukewarm sports town at best just from my observations. Probably the Dolphins have the best of it.

    It is an interesting point. The players did seem to drastically misinterpret the reaction people have. I think they thought everyone would be as excited about it as they were, and obviously that isn’t the case.

    they have a long way to go before they win people over…aside from your basic LeBron lackey or bandwagon fan.

  5. Another time it is okay to cry is when you are walking off the green, casually twirling your putter like a baton when all of a sudden….BANG!

    You take a putter to the ankle bone in a perfect spot.

    Okay, maybe you’re not gonna cry, but it hurts like nothing else and you want to let a tear or two out while punching and kicking the golf cart.

  6. Hahaha,,,

    I’d agree there. Also, the old jam the club back in the bag because you are an angry tough guy only to smash your finger between 2 clubs.

    That feels awesome.

  7. I would nominate the moment when you start filling out the NCAA bracket, happily picking games, and then realize that you have Notre Dame and Louisville playing each other in the final four. Okay, maybe not an actual cry, but what a letdown that will be.

  8. this year, in my mind, I am going to unveil a theory that’s called, don’t let the following teams blow up your bracket.

    for example, villanova should have been on that list last year.

    this year, notre dame will be on there for sure.

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